• Spirit of Sicily Yoga Retreat

    June 16th - 23rd 2018

    Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama plus Excursion, Sea, Sun and Culinary Pleasure

    Yoga Retreat 8-14 July 2017
    Marsala - Sicily

    Only few spaces left !
    Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra in a great and relaxing location!

    Yoga Retreat Sicily 2015

    5 days in the beautiful area of Trapani, practising yoga twice a day, Pranayama and Meditation. Eating organically grown food, visiting stunning locations and/or resting along the pool in the garden...

    Yoga Retreat Sicily 2016

    June 26th to July 2nd 2016

    One week in a wonderful place in Sicily to practice Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama.

    Limited number of spaces!!!
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  • About Me

    A glimpse on how I got here talking about Yoga

    In 1991 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I, since then I have kept on looking for a healthy life-style. Few years later, 1995 I started practicing Japanese Buddhism (Nichiren Daishonin) which helped me in many aspects of my life, mostly cultivating self awareness.

    It was only in 2009 when living in London, and after a loss, that I have discovered my love and passion for Yoga. Since then I have been practicing daily.


    -In 2011 I have accomplished a 200 HRS Yoga Teacher-Training course in Slovenia, recognized by the International Yoga Alliance.

    -In March 2014, after a long search for "THE" real teacher, I met in Prague Acharya Venkatesh and his wife Acharye Hemamalin.

    I have complete trust and confidence in their teaching. Under their guidance I started a new journey learning about yoga, meditation, pranayama, kryias self practice and the meaning of living as a yoga practitioner. With them I am learning to practice the real Yoga and consciously.

    - In August 2014 I spent 4 weeks with my teacher in Mysore, India for an intensive course of back bending.

    - In August 2015 I have spent 6 weeks in Mysore, India, and received an Hatha Yoga Teacher's Training certification from Atmavikasa Center for Yogic Science, 300 HRS under Acharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hemamalin supervision.

    - In October 2016 I spent 8 weeks in Mysore, India and was accredited a Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training, 400 HRS, from Atmavikasa Center for Yogic Science, under Acharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hemamalin supervision.

    - In January 2018 I have started a 300 HRS Advanced Teacher's Training with Jason Crandell to add a more western touch to my teaching of Vinyasa Flow. I will complete the training in August 2019.


    Since 2011 I have taught over 1000 hours of group and private classes in Slovenia, Prague, Italy and currently in Belgium.
    I understands the importance of explaining clearly the alignment of each asana, to give students the tools to improve and enjoy their practice, feeling steadiness and pleasure in each and every posture, and maybe ignite the desire to go deeper into exploring Yoga in all its multiple aspects.

  • Where and with Who I have deepened my practice

    Since I started practicing I never stopped attending workshops and courses...to learn more to be able to give more to my students.

    The following list excludes all the visits to India for Yoga Retreats and Visits to various Yoga Conferences around the globe.

    *Triyoga London, Advanced Teacher's Training with Jason Crandell 2018.

    * Triyoga London, Meditation Training with Sally Kempton 2017.

    *2 Months Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training at Atmavikasa Center for Yogic Science. Mysore (India) 2016.

    * 1 1/2 Month Hatha Yoga Teacher Master Educational Training at Atmavikasa Center for Yogic Science. Mysore (India) 2015.

    * Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Laura Antelmi, Iyengar Teacher. Brussels, 2015

    * 1 Month intensive Course on Back Bending with Acharya Venkatesh and Acharie Hema. Mysore (India) 2014.

    * Dynamic Yoga Workshop with Godfrey Devereux. Prague, 2013.

    * Meditation Workshop with Nityamuktananda Saraswati. Prague, 2013.

    * Dynamic Yoga Workshop with Brigitte Gorm Hansen. Prague, 2012 & 2013

    * Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Gabriela Bozic. Zagreb, 2012.

    * Asthanga Yoga Workshop with David Swenson. Milan, 2011.

  • Styles of Yoga I teach

    Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for the Back, Hot Flow, Vinyasa Foundation, Hatha yoga Intermediate, Hatha Yoga with Meditation, Yin Yoga.

    Where I Teach Now

    in Belgium

    From 2014 I teach in Brussels and Antwerp

    Please write me a message if you want to know where and when I teach in Brussels so that I can give you all the information you need.


    I am avail for Private Session of 60 or 90 minutes.

    Contact me for price and availability.

    Where I Have Taught

    in Europe

    Slovenia - Ljubljana

    2011- 2012: I started teaching in Ljubljana in, Slovenia @ Agniyoga
    Feel free to contact Dasa Lakner, the owner of the studio, to get a reference about my style and ethics.

    Czech Republic - Praha

    I taught in Yogaspace a very small cosy and intimate studio, in Praha 5.
    and also in Zen Garden run by the lovely Klara Burges who created a wonderful space in Praha 5.
    I also had wonderful classes and met wonderful people in Holmes Place Karlin, Prague 8

  • Yoga@WORK

    I believe in the power of Yoga as a tool of calming the mind, connecting with the body and improving work performance.

    Procter & Gamble, Brussels
    Abbott, Brussels
    DOW Chemicals, Antwerp

    Goodyear, Brussels

    Once a Week Yoga Bliss at Work

    I teach Yoga to a group of employees in Procter & Gamble, Abbott, DOW Chemicals and Goodyear. I have noticed that all the people that participate to once a week yoga find the practice extremely beneficial for stretching their body, calming their mind after a full day at work dealing with deadlines, and phone calls and an overload number of to-do list.

    A number of participants have confirmed reduction in back pain, lower back and shoulders.

    There is not doubt that Yoga at Work....works!

    Myrnyx Tyrnyx Prague

    Small Office Crazy Work in Casting Agent World

    When living in Prague I worked closely with the employees of a casting agent office who were working in a very hyper active office with short term deadline tasks to perform. The Yoga practice was a wonderful tool they used to reconnect with themselves and relax, being more focus at their tasks and more relaxed when dealing with their internal and external clients!!

  • Yoga Retreat Feedback ...

    Once a year I organize a yoga retreat in Sicily. These are only few feedback I have received that I like to share with you.

    A. S. - Belgium

    I feel like you have taught us some very powerful stuff. I was especially very pleased with the theoretical yoga background (8 limbs of yoga). I thought that was awesome.

    Thank you also for making us meditate! I feel like this is a very powerful tool in life and I have been practising every day since we have come back. I struggled so much with building up a meditation habit before and now it feels so easy. I just know it's a really healthy thing to do and I just do it. It is making me feel strong and in control again.

    I. B. - Belgium

    First I'd like to thank you for your warm personality, your availability to respond at all our questions, your patience to deal with all our food intolerances and other small problems and emotions :-) You were always there when needed, nothing was too much to make us feel comfortable and at ease ! you have these personal and human qualities that contributed to make the yoga retreat a success !

    About the yoga retreat (technically), I really appreciated that you shared your thorough knowledge of yoga with us, you corrected us when needed, stimulating us each time to go a little bit further in the asana so that we could progress, sometimes it was hard (especially in the mornings) but I always felt great afterwards to have extended my physical limits!

    C.T. - Belgium

    Thank you for this wonderful week in Sicily. I really felt rested and energetic afterwards. I enjoyed the rhythm of the day, in the morning the asana and then afterwards the nice wonderful breakfast.

    I enjoyed your way of teaching and explaining and how your asana were constructed and prepared. Thanks to that I learned how to adapt some asana like the "plank" , I learned to focus and I felt wonderfully surprised to see how my body could stretch and twist.
    Furthermore you're present for everybody, you don't force but you got us to do things in a gentle way.

    We were in an excellent place with nice cosy clean rooms and a beautiful garden and with two wonderful hosts.

    E. L. USA

    I've been thinking a lot about our retreat and the great care you showed for all of us.

    Thank you for the attention you gave us during yoga sessions for dealing with all of us on a human level while balancing the lovely family hosting us. When my back went out my first thought was- oh nooo! My second thought was: Monica doesn't need more needy people on this trip, and yet, you managed us all.

    I appreciated the multiple cars and flexibility you gave us, this trip was perfect. I wish we had a kitchen that wouldn't annoy our hosts but they were so gracious and I'm still thinking about that tuna!

  • Thoughts on Yoga and all that makes it a wonderful practice.

    I have diabetes type I, I love practicing and teaching yoga and I am passionate about food and all its effects on the body...this is what you will find here.

    November 7, 2016
    It was 2009 when I first stepped into a yoga mat, first time I was even considering the option of joining a yoga class in the fitness club where I was a member. It was end of August, I had the saddest summer of my entire life. I had spent the previous 3 months next to my granny, walking her every...
    October 31, 2016
    When I mention the technique of Sun-Gazing to people they tend to look at my face a bit puzzled, so was I when I first heard to heal my shoulder by gazing at the Sun in the evening. I had to repeat out loud what I had just heard: “ you want me to look at the sun to heal my blocked shoulder? is...
    I met Petra Valica in Prague at one of the yoga classes I was teaching in a very nice posh hotel. It was a small class very peaceful environment. I taught the class, I chanted a mantra at the end and then Petra after class came to me. We started talking and since then we never really stopped. We...
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