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YAMA – 1st of the 8 Limbs of Yoga

“NO YAMA, NO YOGA”- says DharmaMittra
YAMA is the FIRST of all the 8 Limbs of Yoga and it is essential to follow and understand deeply to be able to achieve any good results in your Yoga Practice.

YaMa list 5 behaviours that explain how one should relate to the external world:

1. AHIMSA – non violence, in your thoughts, words, actions. It’s important to control your behaviour to avoid falling into actions that are not Ahimsa. Being Vegetarian or Vegan is very much Ahimsa too. If
you eat animals your belly becomes a graveyard, and certainly you do not want that.

2. SATYA – truthfulness, as also non illusion. Show and act as respectful toward yourself as much as the others.

3. ASTEYA – do not steal, do not desire what is not yours, what you cannot afford and what is a representation of futile happiness. Even towards those things you own do not have attachments and desire. In yoga we are taught that when we no longer desire something it will come to us by itself. This is also the case for Asteya. Since the root cause of taking what doesn’t belong to you is desire, when you give up desire for things, all sorts of wealth will come to you by itself.
4. BRAHMACHARYA – continence, abstinence in your sexual desire. Do not disperse your energy without care. In other words restraining from indulging in sensual gratification. One of the many reasons is that
practising the higher limbs of ashtanga yoga – dharana, dhyana, samadhi – requires a tremendous amount of energy or prana.

5. APARIGRAHA – noncovetousness (do not be greedy) and non acceptance of gifts. Also do not think that happiness is about possessing things. It’s not about not having anything, or having a lot it’s about finding
the good balance between the two.
Just like Sattva is the balance between Raja and Tamas.“NO YAMA, NO YOGA”
Slowly and steadily one should start shifting the focus of attention and start thinking also about how does one relate to the external world to all the things that happens and to how one react, in order to keep a good karma, to maintain a good behaviour and live a good practice.

Awareness without guiltiness is very important.

 All of this to be able to achieve the “True- Self” or else God.
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