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Yoga, not just a practice but a lifestyle

Interviewed by Petra Valica founder of

I met Petra Valica in Prague at one of the yoga classes I was teaching in a very nice posh hotel. It was a small class very peaceful environment. I taught the class, I chanted a mantra at the end and then Petra after class came to me. We started talking and since then we never really stopped. We became good friends and shared many moments together. Now she lives in the USA and she founded this lovely website and community of Kindred Spirits, featuring women that work and act to encourage, motivate and empower other women in their lives.

She asked me if I could be featured in it with an interview about Yoga. I felt flattered and scared at the same time. I didn't see myself as such a kind of woman.
But I am glad I did it.
Here it is, the interview.

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