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June 26th to July 2nd 2016

give yourself a week to slow down, practice yoga and discover Sicily.

Every Year I go to India to stop my hectic life and focus on practising yoga, on reading books about yoga philosophy and connect to myself and my body in a deeper level.
Every Year I organize a week of yoga retreat in Sicily to give this opportunity to everyone who is interested in exploring the joy and the challenges of everyday practice. 
A beautiful large home, with a lovely spacious garden, comfortable rooms, swimming pool, organic home-made food, warm and good weather is the perfect and simple setting for a week of yoga retreat.
Away from the noisy and the traffic the dead line and meetings...where we follow simply the rhythm of our body and the only thing to do is to practice yoga, meditate and learn more about pranayama.
Join me in this experience and give yourself time to slow down...
There are only 7 spaces left!
Contact me soon!
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