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Yoga@Work at DOW Chemicals!

A 90 minutes seminar on the mental and physical benefit of Yoga practice at Work.

The meeting room at Dow Chemical was ready this morning at 10AM this morning for a 90 minutes seminar on the "mental and physical benefit of Yoga@Work."
I am very glad to see site managers, Director and leaders of big and small company taking the time to share something so amazing and positive as Yoga with their co-workers.
About 40 people in total participated to the 2 seminars I have given. The response was good and the participation was very positive.
My aim is to reach more and more companies and spread the concept of Yoga@Work as one of the many tools to help people dealing with the enormous amount of stress in their lives.
To reach the top of the mountain you simply need to take the first step...I am doing exactly that.
I strongly believe in it.
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